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Zoe Fighting Cancer

Here at Mak Soks we get to learn of and work with amazing people and kids that are fighting cancer. We wanted to share the story of Zoe Montano. We will be working to help raise funds for her fight against cancer. If you want to help, any purchase made using the promotion code ZOE will receive a 15% discount and funds from those sales will go to Zoe and her battle with cancer.

A Facebook page has been created to help raise awareness. You can visit that page here,

There is also a softball tournament taking place in the Tuscon Arizona area on November 23-24th. Sponser letter

We wanted to share this story with everyone so we can all join together and help Zoe win her fight.

Zoe’s Story

Seventeen year old Bellezza Model and Sahuaro student, Zoë Montaño was diagnosed with Cancer on June 12, 2013 and her life changed. Imagine going to the doctor thinking you were going to have knee surgery but when you woke up the doctor said you did not have knee surgery but rather, you had Cancer.

Zoë, who has modeled since the age of 13 and was a cheerleader since age 8, promised herself that she would not lose hope. “I decided to stay positive through all of my troubles because being negative only brings me down and makes my treatment more difficult”, she said. When her family found out the news, her cousin Paula Garcia Ballesteros started a Facebook fan page for her from her home in California and began executing a number of fundraising events. Her Facebook fan page, “Zoë Montaño’s Fighting Cancer Lets Help Her Win”, has been a real support for Zoë. “I have been blessed with an amazing family who always lift me back up when I start feeling down!” she said. “My family and friends give me more strength than I’d ever need. They are there for me if I break down and take care of me. My friends are always texting me and Face booking me to stay updated and give me hope”.

Zoë is the eldest of seven siblings and has always felt the need to set a good example for those who have been closest to her through this journey, Brandon age 13, Jasmine age 13, Alyssa age 7, Isaiah age 5, and Bell age 2. Since her diagnosis, Zoë has tried new hobbies like creating bracelets, drawing, and writing. Her favorite song is “Jesus Take the Wheel” by Carrie Underwood, her favorite movie “The Notebook”, and her favorite model is Mila Kunis. “She’s absolutely gorgeous but still has morals and seems like a strong woman,” she states.

Zoë plans to attend NorthernArizonaUniversity and aspires to become a Social Worker to help kids and teens. When asked what would be one thing she would like to accomplish right now, she responded: “If I could accomplish anything right now it would be beating this cancer and just getting back to my normal life as a teenager”.

Tucson Model Magazine is dedicating this issue to her in support of her in her fight against cancer. Let’s help her win.


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