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Tips for Washing Socks


Tips for Washing Socks

Take care of your socks and your socks will take care of your feet. Great socks like Mak Soks make you feel good! Socks will last longer and retain colors better if they are hand washed and air dried.

Yes, yes, we know, it’s unlikely anyone will actually wash their socks this way, so here are some instructions on washing and caring for your MAK Soks.

• Machine wash on gentle cycle, cold water.
• Washing socks with similar colored socks or clothing will help maintain their proper color.
• Tumble dry on low to medium heat.
• Do not use bleach, this will surely destroy your socks and you will be very sad.
• Don’t use an iron on your socks. Just don’t do it.


A few more helpful tips for washing and taking care of your socks.

• Keep a healthy rotation of socks to wear. This will prolong the life of your socks and it means you get to buy more socks!
• Avoid extensive stretching. This will help socks keep their form, last longer and help them stay up on your leg.
• Wash a load of only socks. This will help from losing a socks or two somewhere in the nightmare that is laundry.
• Have separate laundry baskets or bins to gather only dirty socks. This makes keeping matching pairs together very easy.
• You can use a sock clip or tie matching pair of socks together before loading them into the washing machine.