Mak’s Story

Mak’s Story – How it all started.

Mak Soks was created from the inspirational story of a little boy named Mak.



At only 10 months old he started to lose weight and wasn’t feeling well. He had a few doctors visits and they thought he was sick with RSV and said once that passed he would gain weight and start to feel better. He didn’t.

On his first birthday he was taken to a doctors appointment and his doctor noticed a lump on his left abdomen. It was recomended he be sent to Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City Utah. It was there he was diagnosed with a Wilms Tumor  (aka kidney cancer) on his first birthday. Treatments needed to start immediately. During a 8 hour operation, Mak had his left kidney removed along with the cancerous tumor, this would be followed by almost a year of chemotherapy treatments.

We are happy to report that Mak is healthy and happy and fighting cancer like a champion.

Although Mak’s family had insurance, there were still large medical expenses to be paid. This is were we wanted to help. There are tons and tons of bills that insurance companies do not cover, cost of lodging while at the hospital, babysitters, food, travel expenses, missed time from work and medical procedures that are not covered by health care companies.

This story inspired us and hit close to home. We wanted to create a way to help families financially while they are going through such a terrible ordeal. This was the beginning os Mak Soks.


We decided that for every pair of socks that we sold we would donate proceeds to help families pay the medical expenses that come along with fighting cancer. We honestly hope to relieve the stress and burden that is associated with a loved one fighting cancer. It is exhausting, hard, emotional and truly a battle.

We recently added a little more information on how Mak Soks helps out those with cancer. See it here.

We hope that you love what we do, we sure enjoy it.

We want you to join us in helping families that are fighting cancer. There are plenty of people that are in need. (check out some cancer facts here)



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