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Kids Socks


Kids Socks – MAK Minis

They are almost here. The newest addition to the MAK lineup of socks will be available at very soon!

We wanted to share a sneak peek into what we have going on with these new kids socks.




The Mak mini kids socks are high quality comfortable socks. The mak logo on the toe of the sock is created with a fun material called “pebble puff”. This material makes the logo slightly raised from the sock. We are going to be launching the minis with multiple color styles for both boys kids socks and girls kids socks. We are also going to have 3 different sizes per style so there will be plenty of options for you and your little ones.

Kids Sock Sizes available:

1-3 year old

4-7 year old

8-10 year old

These are rough estimates on our kids socks and is what will be available as we initially start.



All Mak socks are made from high quality combed cotton and high quality spandex and the Mak mini’s (Kids Socks) are no different. We did now want to skip out on quality on these socks. We also worked very hard to keep the cost down on these because we know that kids will destroy socks faster than any parent can replace them. We are very excited about this new addition to the Mak family. Our passion and goal is to create high quality socks that people will enjoy and love while at the same time helping families and those that are in a battle with cancer. We truly love what we do and love that fact that our socks are cancer fighting socks.

Keep your eye out. These kids socks will be available very soon!

Be sure to check out the current lineup of socks HERE and of course we love it when Mak Soks are shared on any of the social media outlets.