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Breast Cancer Socks


October and Breast Cancer Socks.

The month of October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and just like we did last October, proceeds from any purchase of our pink Ziggles will go towards fighting Breast Cancer.  The ziggles are not just breast cancer socks, they represent so much more. The pink is symbolic of breast cancer and those that are in the fight. We wanted to make this offer so that we can do our part in helping the movement in being able to find a cure. We lovingly refer to the Mak Ziggles as our Pink Breast Cancer Socks.


Get Your Pair!


During the Breast Cancer Awareness month of  October 2013, Mak Soks was able to raise and donate money to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation through the sale of our pink breast cancer socks. The amazing thing about this foundation is 91% of funds donated to this  foundation go directly into finding a cure for Breast Cancer. So many family and friends are effected by this nasty cancer and we were more than happy to help in the cause. You can visit their website here,




Thank you for your support in our movement to help those that are fighting cancer. We hope to benefit and enrich the life’s of those that we are involved with. Too many people are stricken with Breast Cancer and many other forms of cancer each and every day. Although our help may be small, it is a start and we strive to grow and help more and more cancer victims each and every day. You can learn about our story here.