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Kids With Cancer

How Does Mak Soks Help Kids With Cancer?

In a nutshell, it is really simple, Every pair of socks that is purchased equals money donated to help a family that has a child fighting cancer.The funds are donated to the non-profit Kids With Cancer. (website link at bottom of page)

You can read Mak’s Story and how we got started here.



Helping Families Fight the Battle

Kids With Cancer is a non profit that is dedicated to helping families who have a child battling cancer. Fighting  cancer is a long, painful and expensive battle for both the patient and parents. KWC (Kids With Cancer), works with families in need of financial help. Many times one parent is forced to quit their job to take care of their child during their cancer treatments.

We help by working to raise money through donations, business partners and fund raising events. These funds are then used to help lighten the financial burden for parents. Kids With Cancer helps pay for some of the following.

  • Hospital and Doctor Bills

  • Prescriptions

  • Groceries

  • Other Bills

  • Gas or Lodging (associated with travel for treatment)

While we know that money does not make the cancer go away or make a child healthy, we sincerely hope to relieve some of the burden and worry that come hand in hand with fighting cancer

See Our Socks




Helping Team Dayton, read the story.

Kids With Cancer website


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Our Socks

What are Mak Socks made of? Only the finest material of course.

Combed Cotton

We take great pride in our socks and products. Every pair of socks are made with the finest materials. The primary material that is used in Mak Soks is combed cotton. What is combed cotton you ask? Good question.

Most people do not realize that there is a significant difference between conventional and combed cotton. Combing cotton is a way to make the clothing fabric feel more exclusive, stronger, and softer through a highly developed production process. The products made from combed cotton are especially suitable for sensitive skin since they provide a softer feel and are generally gentler.





Here at Mak Soks we didn’t just want a nice cotton sock, we wanted  socks that would be durable, comfortable and high quality. While synthetic clothing in general is perceived by many as having a less natural feel compared to fabrics woven from natural fibers, polyester fabrics can provide specific advantages over natural fabrics, such as improved wrinkle resistance, durability and high color retention. As a result, polyester fibers are sometimes spun together with natural fibers to produce a cloth with blended properties. We added top of the line polyester to our socks to help keep moisture out of the sock to keep your feet dry and prevent blisters.


Why do socks have spandex in them? Well, it is really quite simple. Spandex helps socks to keep their shape. We manufactured our socks to be a very comfortable fit with just the right amount of spandex. They are tailored to be form fitting on your foot and leg, designed to stay up after every single use and wash.




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Daily Deals get some socks now help two great causes

Mak Soks and Daily Deals, get your pair of socks now and help two great causes.

Mak Soks is thrilled to have our products offered on All Things Lovely – Daily Deals. All Things Lovely is a site that offers a wide variety of products from different vendors. They promote deals to help generate revenue to help couples with the cost of infertility. This is a noble and worthy cause and hope that we can help generate money to help families have children.

Mak Soks is always looking for more ways to share our story and get more socks on peoples feet. This is one great platform that will allow us to share our socks, both men and wome’s, in a daily deal platform.


All things lovely daily deals

Here is a little snippet about who they are.

So Here We Are . . .
The result of all our experiences and creative efforts is All Things Lovely, a truly unique daily deals website featuring many amazing items you won’t find anywhere else!
The Daily Deals
We handpick unique vendors that meet our expectations of professionalism, quality, and most of all, a one-of-a-kind product, in turn bringing these items to you for a limited time and at discounted prices.
The Vintage Shop
For those of you who love discovering that perfect vintage find, we eliminate the endless searching and bring the shops to you, creating a relationship that will last long after the find!
The Themed Weeks
Don’t you love finding the perfect holiday item, be it a unique decoration or the gift for the one who has everything? We bring these bits of holiday happiness right to you, from New Year’s Eve to Christmas Day and every stop in between. And it doesn’t end there! Watch for exciting themed weeks like Harry Potter or All Things Mint. Every themed week is a fun and unique experience!
The Featured Bloggers
Throughout each month, we work closely with many of your favorite bloggers and feature their favorite items, from the unique to the downright perfect! It’s a great way for you to connect with the bloggers who inspire you!
The Infertility Program
This is the important part of our site and the driving force behind what we do . Every month we will feature a couple who is struggling with infertility, letting you read their story and feel the challenge they face. Many of you may have experienced these struggles yourselves, or you may know and love somebody who has. This is your chance to make a difference! With each featured couple, we give you the option to donate directly to their cause, with 100% of the donations, as well as a portion of the proceeds from the site going to this couple to help them start their family.  You can donate during checkout of by clickinghere.
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Facebook Instagram Pinterest Twitter

 Mak Soks is Social.

Check out what we have going on, we love our customers and we actively stay engaged as much as possible on our social media outlets, Facebook Instagram Pinterest Twitter.

facebook-icon (1) pinterest-icon (1) twitter-icon (1) instagram mak soks

You can click on any of the images above and it will take you to the Mak Soks page. You can tag us in your photos or your posts and we will do our best to respond and in a lot of cases we will ask permission to share or re-post your image on our feed. We are thrilled to hear about our customers love for our socks and always welcome feedback and questions.

When we run contests and giveaways for a pair of our amazing socks we do it across the different platforms, so make sure that you stay up to date and check our pages often.


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Pack of Socks

Introducing the best pack of socks you can find, the Mak Pack.

This pack of socks covers your feet with all of the styles that you could want. The Mak Pack of socks comes in both men and women’s. These packages allow you to get all of the current mak soks designs in a discounted package. Free Shipping is included on all purchases of Mak Pack’s and that comes along with a 20% discount compared to ordering each of the socks individually.

Here is what you get in the Mak pack.

Each pack comes with 3 of our ultimate comfort crew sock and 1 pair on ankle sock.

Ladies Mak Pack of Socks

  • ziggles (white sock with pink chevrons)
  • dotify (black sock with white polka dots)
  • neons (neon green sock with gray stripes)
  • spy (white ankle sock with purple heal and toe)




Men’s Mak Pack of Socks

  • dayton (white sock with blue and green stripes)
  • primo (black sock with gray and blue stripes)
  • mak daddy (black athletic sock with yellow heal and toe)
  • spy (black ankle sock)



Check out the Mak Packs and all our other socks

Shop Socks

Our goal is to create amazing socks that you will love and at the same time help kids and families that are struggling to fight and defeat cancer. Proceeds from every purchase go to benefit Kids With Cancer, a non profit that’s purpose is to help families with the added expenses that are associated with cancer and cancer treatments.