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Black Friday Deals Socks on Sale

Black Friday Deals

Black Friday is coming very quickly and that means it is time for some Black Friday Deals. All Mak Soks will be 50% off the normal sale price! That is crazy, we know.

This black friday deal is way too good to pass up. Mak socks are make a great gift for everyone in your family and even your friends. Socks are the perfect stocking stuffer and of course you can never have too many socks to wear. As always, proceeds from every purchase are donated to help kids and families that are fighting cancer.

Make this Black Friday deal the best one of 2013 and SHOP NOW.

If you’re interested in learning more about Kids With Cancer, you can visit their site here, or you can read about the amazing kids and families that we are able to help, thanks to great Black Friday Deals, you can check out the Mak Soks Blog


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Zoe Fighting Cancer

Here at Mak Soks we get to learn of and work with amazing people and kids that are fighting cancer. We wanted to share the story of Zoe Montano. We will be working to help raise funds for her fight against cancer. If you want to help, any purchase made using the promotion code ZOE will receive a 15% discount and funds from those sales will go to Zoe and her battle with cancer.

A Facebook page has been created to help raise awareness. You can visit that page here,

There is also a softball tournament taking place in the Tuscon Arizona area on November 23-24th. Sponser letter

We wanted to share this story with everyone so we can all join together and help Zoe win her fight.

Zoe’s Story

Seventeen year old Bellezza Model and Sahuaro student, Zoë Montaño was diagnosed with Cancer on June 12, 2013 and her life changed. Imagine going to the doctor thinking you were going to have knee surgery but when you woke up the doctor said you did not have knee surgery but rather, you had Cancer.

Zoë, who has modeled since the age of 13 and was a cheerleader since age 8, promised herself that she would not lose hope. “I decided to stay positive through all of my troubles because being negative only brings me down and makes my treatment more difficult”, she said. When her family found out the news, her cousin Paula Garcia Ballesteros started a Facebook fan page for her from her home in California and began executing a number of fundraising events. Her Facebook fan page, “Zoë Montaño’s Fighting Cancer Lets Help Her Win”, has been a real support for Zoë. “I have been blessed with an amazing family who always lift me back up when I start feeling down!” she said. “My family and friends give me more strength than I’d ever need. They are there for me if I break down and take care of me. My friends are always texting me and Face booking me to stay updated and give me hope”.

Zoë is the eldest of seven siblings and has always felt the need to set a good example for those who have been closest to her through this journey, Brandon age 13, Jasmine age 13, Alyssa age 7, Isaiah age 5, and Bell age 2. Since her diagnosis, Zoë has tried new hobbies like creating bracelets, drawing, and writing. Her favorite song is “Jesus Take the Wheel” by Carrie Underwood, her favorite movie “The Notebook”, and her favorite model is Mila Kunis. “She’s absolutely gorgeous but still has morals and seems like a strong woman,” she states.

Zoë plans to attend NorthernArizonaUniversity and aspires to become a Social Worker to help kids and teens. When asked what would be one thing she would like to accomplish right now, she responded: “If I could accomplish anything right now it would be beating this cancer and just getting back to my normal life as a teenager”.

Tucson Model Magazine is dedicating this issue to her in support of her in her fight against cancer. Let’s help her win.


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Socks Fighting Breast Cancer


Thank you to everyone that purchased a pair of mak ziggles in the month of October. We committed to donated proceeds from the sale of every pair of pink mak socks to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Below is a copy of the donation letter that we received.

Mak Soks was thrilled to be able to make that donation today. 91% of funds donated to this amazing foundation go directly into finding a cure for Breast Cancer. So many family and friends are effected by this nasty cancer and we were more than happy to help in the cause. You can visit their website here,

In conjunction with the mak socks marketing team we are thrilled to announce that we will running this cancer fundraising promotion every October. Thank you to all of our amazing customers for supporting our cause and helping all those fighting cancer.


Dear Mak Soks,

            On behalf of our entire team, thank you for your thoughtful contribution to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  All of us at BCRF are truly grateful for your generous support and your efforts to advance breast cancer research and awareness. 

             The Foundation’s commitment to preventing and curing breast cancer is neither a simple tagline nor an empty promise; it is our pledge to the individuals who receive this diagnosis each day. When the late Evelyn Lauder established BCRF 20 years ago, she was determined to fund transformative scientific investigations that aim to improve cancer treatment and prevent breast cancer in future generations of women – research that saves lives. Your gift will advance our mission and will provide scientists with the crucial dollars needed to bring about lifesaving progress. Every BCRF-funded discovery offers hope for the resilient women, men and families facing breast cancer.

              With the freedom to explore creative and innovative science, the more than 200 researchers comprising BCRF’s 2013-2014 research brain trust are using our support to unravel the multifaceted defects at the core of breast cancer. Our global commitment to excellence ensures that the most forward-thinking scientists, regardless of location, receive necessary funding and have the opportunity to collaborate with likeminded visionaries.  Your support fuels their achievements and will have a lasting impact on breast cancer research and the investigation of related diseases.

               We honor the contributions of our donors by remaining fiscally responsible. Currently, 91 cents of every dollar spent by the Foundation is directed towards research and awareness programs. BCRF is still the only breast cancer organization to receive an A+ from CharityWatch, in addition to a four-star rating from Charity Navigator for the eleventh time since 2002.

               Thank you again for your dedication to our mission. Our progress would not be possible without your vital support.


For  ack. letter 

                                              Myra J. Biblowit
                                              President & Chief Executive Officer

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Happy Halloween from mak soks

It is next to impossible to trick or treat online but we wanted to give away a great treat to our loyal customers and visitors. To celebrate Halloween this year, we are offering 30% off your entire order. Just use the promo code PUMPKIN at check out.

This sale ends when Halloween is over, so get some MAK SOKS before the sale is done.


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Team Dayton

Helping Kids With Cancer – Team Dayton

Our mission is to help Kids With Cancer and that gives us the amazing privilege of meeting some very special families and kids.
Our newest sock name and design has a very special meaning. The Mak dayton was named after a special little boy name Dayton Nielsen who recently lost his battle with cancer. You can see his full story here, TEAM DAYTON Facebook Page

We personally got to know Dayton and he touched the lives of anyone that knew him. To honor Dayton, Mak Soks will be donating proceeds from every pair of dayton’s sold, from now until the end of the year, to the Nielsen family to help pay for funeral and medical expenses. Get the mak dayton’s here




Dayton and his wonderful family embody strength and courage and are the reason we strive to help families and children fighting cancer.

The Story of Dayton and how Team Dayton was created.

Dayton Lee Nielsen was born on June 17, 2010 to Bryce and Trudy Nielsen. He has an older brother, Braxton 15, and an older sister Brooklyn 8. Dayton is the apple or our eye. He is very outgoing, energetic, and loves to be outdoors. His favorite things are Mickey Mouse, Lightning McQueen, monster trucks, camping, riding ATV’s, mac & cheese, pancakes, and of course candy.
In March of 2013 Dayton began to have abdominal pain and constipation. Soon following Dayton lost his appetite, wouldn’t sleep at night, and his personality had completely changed. He wasn’t the energetic, playful little boy that we all knew and loved. At his first doctors appointment he was diagnosed with IBS. Sadly all his symptoms continued and even began to worsen. He was then taken for a second opinion where he was referred to Primary Children’s Medical Center. On May 17, 2013 Dayton was diagnosed with a Neuroblastoma tumor in his abdomen. His cancer is stage 4, high risk, which means he has a very long road ahead of him. He is a fighter and will give this tumor a run for it.